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Our Services

Construction, Design and Survey Operations
  • technical and economical justifications for construction,
  • projects and engineering documentation,
  • cost estimation documents with a goal to implement civil and power engineering facility construction and reconstruction.
Building and Assembly Jobs
  • Power plant reconstruction;
  • Substation construction (packaged transformer substations, packaged transformer substations for urban electric networks, modular integrated transformer substations and modular integrated distribution points);
  • Reconstruction of electrical distribution grids;
  • Construction of power transmission lines (overhead and cable);
  • Assembling and installation of transmission towers;
  • 0.4 kV indoor wiring for buildings;
  • Lighting network setup.
Balancing and Commissioning
    Balancing and commissioning constitute the work package that includes checking, adjustment and testing of the electrical equipment with a goal to secure its project parameters and regimes. Beginning of balancing and commissioning is determined by the readiness degree of the building and assembly jobs.
Energy Saving and Energy Audit
  • conditions of power, heat and water supply systems,
  • service yard of an enterprise (object),
  • checking of the enterprise (object) energy balance,
  • calculation of the power consumption rates for the manufactured products (or types of works),
  • detection of the unfounded losses,
  • drawing up of the enterprise energy performance certificate.